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Kisiah is a smooth coat Red tuxedo Piebald.  She was bred here and is the daughter of KayKay and Scooby (both now retired).  She is also the granddaughter to Cici and Dan.  She is a little firecracker with a nicely toned muscular body just like her mother and grandfather.  She can always make you laugh and never meets a stranger!  She was born March 2, 2014.

Amora is a smooth coat solid Black Piebald with no tan points.  She was born here to Stormie and Samson (both retired now).  Amora is extremely intelligent and catches on quickly to everything. She has lots of energy and uses it to chase Kisiah.  Amora was born on March 27, 2014.

Presley is a longhair miniature English Cream Dachshund.  She has a gentle and mellow personality but loves to play with the others.   Presley was born on May 11, 2014 and came to us from Grendox Dachshunds in Kentucky.  She is pretty small at about 10 lbs and we hope to see her first litter in late spring/summer 2016.  She will be bred to River, our English cream male.

Karma is a longhair chocolate based ee cream.  What that means is that she is an English cream that was born without any shading, almost white, at birth.  She has a chocolate nose and nails unlike the typical black nose and nails on other black based creams.  She comes from McMillans Dachshunds in Washington state and we are excited to see how she turns out.  She is very friendly and playing with an outgoing temperament.  She will most likely be bred to our boy, River once she is old enough.  Look for her puppies in spring of 2017 if everything goes as planned.


River is a longhair English Cream Dachshund.  He has a fun loving and sweet temperament.  River loves all of the other dogs and is very gentle. He is very talkative and will tell you exactly what he needs in a very dramatic manor!  River came to us from Nicole Williams of Wissac's Dachshunds in  Alabama.  River sired his first litter with Jewel in November 2014.  The puppies were absolutely gorgeous!  We are excited to see more puppies from him.

Crush is a Blsck/Cream smooth coat.  He is such a sweetheart and so gentle with the most playful nature!  He came to us from Savvy-Dee’s Dachshunds in Arkansas.  He is about 12.5-13 lbs so not a small Doxies but has a nice bone structure to him/


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