Mangham's Dachshunds
Mangham's Dachshunds

Moms & Future Moms

Goldie is a longhair shaded cream dapple piebald.  Her dapple faded as she got older as do almost all of the cream dapples.  She weighs 14 lbs.  She has a wonderful temperament and never meets a stranger!  She came to us from Red Oak Dachshunds in Texas.

Pickles is a smooth coat black dapple.  She does not have tan points and can produce solid black or solid chocolate puppies.  She was born and raised here.  Her mother was Amora who is now enjoying her retirement but gave us some wonderful puppies.  Pickles is very mischievous and a very good hunter.  She weighs 12 lbs.

Stella is a longhair clear cream.  She is the daughter of Karma and River.  She has a small frame just like her mother.  She weighs about 11 lbs but tends to stay a bit on the chunky side.  Stella is cautious strangers and new things but is super sweet once she trusts you.

Dads & Future Dads

River is a longhair English Cream Dachshund.  He has a fun loving and sweet temperament.  River loves all of the other dogs and is very gentle. He is very talkative and will tell you exactly what he needs in a very dramatic manor!  River came to us from Nicole Williams of Wissac's Dachshunds in  Alabama.  River is larger boned than some miniatures and weighs approximately 13.5 lbs.  His puppies are sometimes larger and fall between the miniature and standard classification.

Crush is a Blsck/Cream smooth coat.  He is such a sweetheart and so gentle with the most playful nature!  He came to us from Savvy-Dee’s Dachshunds in Arkansas.  He is about 12.5-13 lbs so not a small Doxies but has a nice bone structure to him/

Heath is a smooth coat chocolate/tan dapple.  He is not quite old enough to sire his first litter but we have plans for him once he is.  Heath is a goofball with a very friendly personality.  He came to us from Red Oak Dachshunds in Texas.


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