Mangham's Dachshunds
Mangham's Dachshunds

About Me

My name is Meredith Mangham.  I have a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and worked as a Kindergarten teacher for 8 years.  I have been married to my wonderful husband since 2000 and together we have a 20 year old daughter.


We began breeding dachshunds in 2002.  As my husband's work took him away more and more, I took over most of the breeding aspect.  He just spoils and loves them when he is home.  I am very blessed in that I am able to be a stay at home doxie mom.  I spend every day with them and love every minute!


We currently have a house full of Dachshunds which includes many of the ones that began our journey with this wonderful breed and have now been retired for many years.   I welcome any questions from potential new owners or past customers.   I am always here for any of my babies whether they are still here with me or live with another family.


We recommend NuVet for your fur babies...young and old!

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