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When you have been breeding Dachshunds as long as we have, you face the reality of needing to put adults up for adoption.  This is probably the most difficult part of being a breeder.  We do not rehome them because  we are tired of them or don't want them anymore.  We rehome them because we wish a better life where they can be the only dog or one of just a few pets.  We love every animal in our household but we have to split our attention among many. 


There are a variety of circumstances where we must find an adult a new home.  Some are just not meant to be breeders, some are not the breeding quality we desire (this does not detract from their pet quality though), some may have a health issue where they cannot be bred, some may have been sold as puppies and then later returned to us, and some are our retired breeders.  We only breed females until they are 4-5 years old so they have many more years of quality life once they have finished their breeding career.


We currently have 13 Dachshunds that are retired breeders and our lifetime companions.  We also have a pet Beagle, a Weimaraner, and a couple Dachshunds that we took in as rescues or that had health issues where rehoming was not an option.    All of these will stay here with us forever. 


We try our best to match the temperament of the dog to the home that they go to.  It is much harder to place an adult dog than a puppy and that is why we take extra precautions and may ask lots of questions.  Although, we welcome them to come back here we want the new home to work for them.   If we do not find one a home then we love and care for them as all of our family pets.


Adults that are rehomed will be spayed/neutered before leaving and have a dental cleaning.  They will be up to date on vaccinations, have a current Rabies tag, be microchipped with prepaid registration, be parasite free, and have a negative heartworm test within the last 6 months.  All of our dogs are kept current on heartworm/flea preventative.  Our Adoption fees range from $100-$300 depending on the age of the dog.

This handsome man is Otis and he is looking for a new forever home.  His previous owner had to move into a apartment and felt that he would not do well in that environment.  He has been back with me for about 2 weeks now and I am getting to know any little quirks that he may have.  He will be 6 years old in August so he is not a youngster but still has lots of great years ahead.  He has been neutered, is current on shots, heart worm tested negative and current on preventative.  He weighs 12.6 lbs.  I had a dental done on him last week and he did require 13 extractions.  I’m assuming he has never had one done before.  This should not effect his ability to eat hard food since he still has lots of other teeth and none of the extractions required sutures.

He is good with new people as long as they do not try to grab him suddenly.  He is super sweet and completely house trained and crate trained.  His hair has been trimmed in this photo so it will grow out longer.  The only issues he has had with my other dogs is in very exciting and rambunctious times.  This is when he gets excited and a bit nippy with the other dogs.  I just don’t let him interact until the situation has calmed down some or I redirect him.  There have been no fights with the others.  I do not know how he does with cats or young children.  I know that he lived with a young child  and there was a cat in the household but can’t attest to his behavior with them.

He does very well on a leash and seems to enjoy riding in a car.  I will be extremely cautious in placing him because I want him to go somewhere where he will be forever.  It is never easy on them to change homes and if I can spare him from that then I will do everything in my power.  If you think you would be interested in Otis, please message or give me a call so we can chat.  I have an application and will want vet and personal references.  His rehoming fee is $100.

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